Legal issue with youtube



I have been using lmms for a few months now. I am not the best, just basic rythms and beats. Anyway, along with “stopmotion” programme, I decided to try my hand at a stopmotion animation. I did all the photo sequence and put it together in stopmotion. I then added a soundtrack which I created myself using the lmms suite. I attempted to post the finnished video on youtube. I recieved an email from them requesting the licence which stated I could make money off my video as well as the software I had used to create both the video and soundtrack. I have searched numerous gpl wikis and cannot find anything that would satisfy the hypocrites at youtube (hypocrites seeing as youtube’s arcitecture is built on gpl licenced software) I need help. The video is not good but its my first attempt at producing my own work. I will post up a copy of the last email i recieved from youtube today so you may get a better understanding as to the situation I am in. If you need any further info, I will quite hapily post all the emails, as well as a link to the video i created. (be warned, the video is lame as hell, lol)

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.